Best 4k Projectors 2018

With good quality, high contrast, HD projectors now available in $2,000 range, 4K projectors have kept their distance with true 4K projectors starting in the $8,000 range. Is it really possible that a 4K projector, under $2,500, could be good enough to give those 4K projectors, that are $8,000 or more, a run for the money? In this video we focus on comparing the Optoma UHD65 4K and the Epson Pro Cinema LS10500. For projector specs, high resolution images and additional information read our blog post at We've been Utah's audio/video specialists since 1953 - located in Salt Lake City, Utah. 0:00 Intro 0:40 Pluge Pattern White/Black Contrast Adjustments 1:35 Color Bar Comparison 2:32 Scene/Viewing Comparison & Detail 3:57 Blacks & High Contrast, Brightness Modes, Lens Iris, 4K/4K enhancement Image Comparison 7:27 4K Movie Clip Detail/ANSI Contrast Comparison 8:50 Projector Comparison Conclusion Purchase the Optoma UHD65 here: Call 1-801-486-5757 to purchase the Epson Pro Cinema LS10500. Information and specs can be found here: See comparison Theo-Charts here: Ted Bollinger has been in the professional display and electronic imaging industry for over 40 years. He has worked with and consulted with most major manufacturers' engineering representatives of professional and consumer flat screen TVs and projectors. Has has been personally recognized internationally by the Matsushita family (of Matsushita Electric Industries - now Panasonic - and has been recognized nationally by many other companies. He is currently with TVS Pro and serves as the manager for professional display products.