How the sounds of Friday Night Funkin' were actually made 5

Friday Night Funkin' - Playtime but everytime it is the Opponent's turn the mod changes Mods Used: Vs Huggy Wuggy: Tall Boyfriend: VS Huggy Wuggy but bad: Closer Together: VS Huggy Wuggy but there are 2 huggy's: VS Huggy Wuggy Poppy Playtime: Minus Huggy Wuggy: HD Huggy Wuggy: VS Huggy Wuggy (replaced): Female Huggy Wuggy: Vs Huggy Wuggy Remastered: Huggy Wuggy over Boyfriend: Endah's Minus Huggy Wuggy: Girlfriend is Taller: Friday Night Funkin' Minus: