How to Get a Featured Snippet on Google! BIG for SEO!

Content Expansion can be a difficult topic for some people to understand due to the amount of information required to know what to actually do. We've explained in previous videos how bold keywords can have an impact on Google SERP Content rankings. But how can you extract all bold keywords in a easy manner? In this video, we take you through how to extract all bold keywords from Google SERP with a simple SEO Content Expansion Hack. Dan takes you through the topic of Content Expansion for Bold Keywords and how this SEO Content Hack can make the whole process of extracting all bold keywords from Google SERP even easier. We all know how Google SERP Content is perceived as being important, so we want to make sure that this video gives you all the necessary information to be able to carry out this action. For more information on Bold Keywords, Content Expansion and more, then be sure to check out our blog post based on the topics: And for daily tips & tricks, blogs and motivational posts, be sure to check out our socials below: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: #BoldKeywords #ContentExpansion #SEOContentHack