YermSeul is a funny duo

Hi there! This is the first episode/video of RVTOONS which basically are going to be several videos about funny moments between the red velvet members, every update will be different, this time is YermSeul (Yeri & Seulgi) stay in tune for the next videos. #RVTOONS Thanks for Watching! PS: I'm open to requests for next videos, what would you like to see next? ~Alexis😄 Sources: Most of the clips i used are from red velvet's 2nd veriety show "Levelup project 2". If you want to watch it, i totally recommend you to go to they are an incredible subbing team for red velvet, some of the clips i used are from them, don't forget to take a look to their content. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clips, pictures and songs used aren't mine. Credits to the owners. No copyright infringement intended.