Unnassisted Family Home Birth In Our Living Room /// Free Birth, Wild Birth, Peaceful, Natural,

I decided on a natural unassisted free birth from home after having a different experience birthing my other two babies. I had no midwifes during pregnancy, labour, birth or after birth. I felt no need to see a doctor, go to midwife appointments and wanted to avoid ultrasound scans completely. We are all british, however Iyrie was born in Australia while travelling. We planned to birth her in Jamaica but due to covid19 our plans were changed. After Iyrie was born, I birthed the placenta while she was still attached and we carried out delayed cord clamping. Once the blood had stopped pumping dad cut the cord and we used a beautiful crochet cord tie instead of the common plastic clamps, used by doctors and midwives. We hope you like our video. Please give it a like if you do and follow us on instagram @passionfruitparents Gud day ;)