64MB RAM upgrade for TP-LINK WR841ND OpenWrt free firmware Wifi router

Please subscribe for more useful videos about FREE Internet and WiFi Marketing http://goo.gl/uBXhYY --~-- I am not happy with my TP-LINK WR841NV9 as its RAM is only 32MB, after install OpenWrt I have only about 7MB available So I decided to upgrade my router from 32MB to 64MB RAM so it can support more clients Now I have more than 46MB available memory To upgrade router to 64M RAM, first I need to desolder my original 32M RAM chip Using hot air gun, you can do it, just find some DIY guide from youtube and follow the instruction, or you can also follow me Clean up the board Add some tin I bought 64MB RAM chip from Aliexpress just about $1 per chip and they ship free world wide You can search for Free shipping SMD 10pcs HY5DU121622DTP-D43 Route 64M DDR memory DRAM chip particles TSSOP66 Solder the new RAM chip to router board Finally, clean up everything Thank you for watching and please subscribe www.youtube.com/c/wifimarketingsolutions