How to Use Fitbit Charge 5 Settings (Hands On)

Here's your complete Fitbit Charge 5 In-Depth Review, covering all the new features - and most importantly, how they actually work. The Charge 5 aims to take their most well-known wearable series and catapult it forward with a revamped AMOLED display that doesn’t feel like a TI-82 graphing calculator that previous Fitbit Charge units have had, while still trying to maintain the comparatively long battery life that Fitbit units are well known for. All while at the same time pulling in the majority of the Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense advanced health metrics from those units released a year ago. And in many ways, the company actually succeeds here. In using the Charge 5 for almost two weeks now, I’ve got a pretty strong grasp on where it works well, and where it (really) struggles. Though, some of the most widely anticipated features from Fitbit – the Daily Readiness Score & Workout/Recovery Suggestions – aren’t live yet. Instead, I test everything else that is enabled on the unit, and dive into all the good, and the bad. Written review with more data: /// Video Chapters 0:00 Intro & Pricing 0:47 AMOLED Touchscreen Usability 4:09 Always-on Sport Mode 4:40 EDA Scan Explainer 5:31 Daily Readiness Score 6:14 Workout & Recovery Suggestions 6:46 New thinner design & new band 7:17 ECG Functionality 8:01 High & Low HR Notifications 8:24 Battery Testing 9:56 GPS & HR Accuracy Deep-Dive 12:32 2nd Unit Testing 13:07 Wrap-Up --- The Site ► Main Camera ► Action Cam ► All Camera Gear ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Strava ► Most Music ► #Fitbit #FitbitCharge5 #Charge5