Clexacon 2017: WayHaught Panel Highlights

For fellow Natasha and Elise trash since it’s only their faces and I’m extra af but my friends encouraged it lmao. First couple minutes is shakey. First 10 min is a little blurry but I fix it. I cut out the trailer since that’s already on youtube. I also ran out of memory so the last 7min was on my phone but nothing significant was missing or worth recording anyways. There are some small cuts in some clips bc my camera cut out (it’s getting old ;__;) but only a good millisecond is cut off, except for when I switched to my phone. Tbh, y'all should watch the vid that Kindatv will upload because everyone was great. They’re all very well spoken and their facial expressions are hilarious. - Matt and Cara were so lovely and so cute. - Annie and Nicole were total hot badasses. - Kaitlyn’s funny. - Natasha and Elise were so woewoedsfdgfhg I love them both so much.