the outer banks cast being chaotic for 8 minutes and 41 seconds

"Outer Banks - Season 2 (Part 2)" Making Of, Best Of Behind The Scenes, On Set Bloopers & Funny Cast Moments | Netflix Original Series (2021) | Hinter den Kulissen der Dreharbeiten für Staffel 2 der Netflix Original Serie | ̲A̲̲b̲̲o̲̲n̲̲n̲̲i̲̲e̲̲r̲̲e̲̲n̲ ➢ (OT: OUTER BANKS SEASON 2) P L O T: Outer Banks follows a group of teenagers in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the poorer Pogues, who stand in contrast to the richer Kooks and are determined to find out what happened to John B's missing father. CAST: ❌ Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron) ❌ Chase Stokes (John B) ❌ Rudy Pankow (JJ) ❌ Madison Bailey (Kiara) ❌ Jonathan Daviss (Pope) ❌ Caroline Arapoglou (Rose) ❌ Austin North (Topper) ❌ Julia Antonelli (Wheezie) ❌ Jonathan Daviss (Pope) ❌ Charles Esten (Ward) ❌ Elizabeth Mitchell (Limbrey) ❌ Carlacia Grant (Cleo) ❌ Brian Stapf (Cruz) D I R E C T E D B Y: ❌ Jonas Pate ❌ Cherie Nowlan ❌ Valerie Weiss 📺 Noch kein NETFLIX? Dann gehts hier zum kostenlosen Probe-Monat (jederzeit kündbar): ❗️ http:// sind Affiliate Links. Wenn ihr darüber etwas kauft ändert sich für euch nichts, ihr unterstützt jedoch unsere Arbeit | Trailer: Promotional use only. | All Rights Reserved. | Trailer property of NETFLIX | #OuterBanks #MakingOf #Netflix #obx