Lives are at Risk Around This 'Weapon on a Leash' | It's Me or The Dog

Cooper is a boxer dog with extreme aggression, but when he goes to doggy daycare he appears to be a completely different dog! Is Cooper really able to socialise with other dogs at daycare or is something more going on here? Victoria Stilwell is on the case to solve another doggy dilemma. It's Me or the Dog USA: Season 1 Episode 3 (Boxed In) ▶ VICTORIA'S BOOKS: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell! ▶ DOG TRAINING PLAYLIST Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show! ▶ FULL EPISODES PLAYLIST