Renesmee and Jacob || "If you kill her, you kill me "

I know alot of you have been waiting for part 4 so here it is. Plot Bella shows up at Renesmee's door and hugs her while Renesmee shocked and overwhelmed doesn't really want to talk to her. Bella pleafs with Renesmee to let her explain so Renesmee and Bella have a conversation about what's happening at tge Cullen house. Renesmee starts to feel bad about how her family has been suffering since she left and after she apologizes the two hug. Jacob however upset and still furious interrupts them and demabds Bella to leave. Bella stands her ground and Renesmee has to break them up this wakes up baby Nadia. Bella and Jacib wait downstairs for Elena to get Nadia and introduce her to Bella. Wgen Bella sees Nadia she is mesmerized by hiw much she reminds her of Renesmee and Jacib starts to feel uneasy. He tries to end the moment but Renesmee stops him. Later that night Renesmee decides to go back and telks Jacob about her decision. Jacob is upset and tells her to do what she wants knowing he wouldn't be able to stop her anyway. Renesmee goes back into the house with Bella and tge two call Alice to let her know that they are coming home. After Bella notices a ring in Renesmee's finger ad complements it. Jacob comes down stairs with bags to put in the car for the trip and refuses to spend time around Bella. Renesmee follows him out to the car and the two discuss their isdues about tye decision. They end up kissing and then get ready to leave. While getting Nadia ready for the trip Renesmee comforts her and then the four drive off. Hope you enjoy! !!😃😃😃😃 (Better with headphones. )