FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' Evil Boyfriend vs Corrupted Daddy Dearest ♦️PARTE 1 (Animación/ Mei Cute OuO)

Crazy idea for a video haha, I made this video for the purpose of testing multiple characters at the same time. I really thought it was kind of funny and cool to do this. Modding Plus have a great variety of freedom to create content, only some do not know how to handle it lol, there is even a way to recreate the 9 arrows of Shaggy's mod, well going to the topic of the video the main antagonists of weeks 1 to 6 decide face Selever (poor him, XD). Selever Angry Sprites by: @RuvStyle Music composed by: @Vzer My discord server: para los que se preguntan si hablo español, solo que la comunidad latina tiene la costumbre de poner las descripciones en ingles lol.