How to Build and Hang a Projector Screen

After a recent purchase of a projector for my video production business I quickly learned that the quality of your picture is highly based off the screen its projected on. After a few hours of trying to decide should I get a screen or should I paint the screen on the wall and call it a day. While comparing prices of all the latest HD & 4K technology I was shocked to find what this pre mixed gallon of GOLD cost. With Prices topping out at well over $800 for just one gallon of this stuff I needed to dig deeper to find out whats actually in this professional grade screen paint? If your in the same position I was then you need to watch this short video. I produced this video just to pass on what I learned simply because the blend of these 3 different paints worked amazingly, but most importantly the total project cost minus the projector was under $40. This special blend of paint can be picked up from your local Home Depot with the paint numbers I provided in this video.. If you find this video helpful be sure to hit the LIKE button. And by all means SUBSCRIBE!!