Birth - Eight Women's Stories (1993)

~~~ International Winner Gold Award New York Film & TV Festival ~~~ This award winning film follows eight women giving birth in a variety of circumstances: - Natural birth at home and in a hospital - Caesarean - Twin - Water birth No attempt is made to promote one method of childbirth in favour of another, and all births are seen as a triumph. This film gives first hand experience of this intimate and exciting moment of life, with commentaries by mothers, partners, midwives and obstetricians accompanying their stories. (This video shows explicit footage of childbirth) "Birth can be an intense and rewarding experience. This beautifully photographed video shows a variety of examples. A midwives guidance will assist women to consider the different approaches." The Royal College of Midwives. 70 minutes Film written, directed and filmed by © Nancy Durrell McKenna Edited by Miranda Watts Produced, marketed and distributed by B-Line Productions