Die Leibwächterin | A Guarda Costas - Filme Completo (Legendado Português)

UPDATE Anyone who rates this video thumbs down is revealing they have personal issues w/ me. PAY ATTENTION MORON: Grow Up idiot. Rating videos low means nothing. This is still a GREAT scene so STOP being a moronic asshole. Rate It Thumbs down a million times and it's STILL a Great Scene. Why are You Tubers so fucking stupid and Homophobic? Apparently I know what I am writing about concerning screenplays because not one of you have challenged my claims. As I previously blogged in my post : "UPDATE: Why I took Down The Lisa Rani Ray Page." I asserted that all successful screenplays (ALL of them) adhere to SAME screenplay structure and that each scene also adheres to the overall structure of the main screenplay. I want to illustrate my claim by using this scene from the movie Elena Undone because not only does it give me an excuse to once again listen to the most seductive voice I've ever heard, but also because it incorporates significant Plot Points. So now let's break this scene down by applying the major screenwriting rules applicable to a full length feature film to an approximately 2 minute scene. Act 1 0:03 to 0:36 Stage 1: The SETUP: This reflects the "Ordinary World" of our protagonist, illustrating Elena's mundane everyday life. 0:39 to 0:56 Stage 2 Turning Point #1 "The Opportunity" A new situation gives Elena a chance to to pursue her true objectives. Act 2 0:57 to 1:07 "Change of Plans", Turning Point #2 Elena seizes the moment. 1:10 to 1:20 Point of No Return, Turning Point #3 again occurring at the halfway mark. 1:24 to 1:39 Stage 4 Major Setback Turning Point #4. Peyton appears reluctant. Act 3 1:40 to 2:20 The Final Push Turning Point #5 Elena pushes to convince Peyton why she should accept her decision. Stage 5 Climax Stage 6 Denouement Now I ended this scene early so we don't see the "Climax" or the "Denouement" but you can see even when deconstructed by seconds that the scene still adheres to standard screenplay structure. Screenplays are very difficult to write, because in addition to structure there is character development, sequencing and a whole host of additional considerations. This is why so many movies suck and yes I'm that bitch whose premise was plagiarized by a now cancelled lesbian soap opera that appeared on cable television. Yes I know my craft! So in your face Booya ;o)