Going from Logitech G29 to Fanatec CSL Elite - The 'Months Later' Review

DISCOUNTS & FANATEC GEAR HERE: https://boostedmedia.net/discounts-coupons-codes/ IMPORTANT - Check pinned comment for some important corrections to this review.... About a week ago, I published a first drive and brief review of the FANATEC CSL Elite Wheel Base and commented that I felt the cockpit I had it installed on was not doing it justice and that I would revisit and do a more detailed review later on. Since then I've been running the CSL Elite Wheel Base in my daily driver and putting it to the test in a rigid cockpit to see how it compares to the ClubSport Wheel Base 2.5 that I've been using for the past 10 months. In this video, I take you through a comparison of the two wheelbases in terms of their specs and design features, then take you for a drive to describe the differences and where I think each excels or falls short. TIME STAMPS: 1:54 - Specification and pricing Comparison 11:09 - Hardware and Design Comparison 17:00 - Driving Test 32:10 - Final Thoughts If you're keen to pick up either Wheelbase, or anything else you've seen in this video, you can do so using the affiliate links below. A small percentage of the profits from each sale come back to me to keep the channel going. GRAB YOUR FANATEC GEAR HERE: US: https://boostedmedia.net/go/fanatec-webstore-u-s-a/ EU: https://boostedmedia.net/go/fanatec-webstore-europe-english/ AU: https://boostedmedia.net/go/fanatec-webstore-australia/ JAPAN: https://boostedmedia.net/go/fanatec-webstore-japan-english/ FANATEC CSW Wheel Base V2.5 America - https://boostedmedia.net/go/purchase-here-fanatec-clubsport-wheelbase-v2-5-america/ Australia - https://boostedmedia.net/go/purchase-here-fanatec-clubsport-wheelbase-v2-5-australia/ Europe - https://boostedmedia.net/go/purchase-here-fanatec-clubsport-wheel-base-v2-5-europe/ Japan - https://boostedmedia.net/go/purchase-here-fanatec-clubsport-wheel-base-v2-5-japan/ ___________________________________________ SEE WHAT OUR SIM LOOKS LIKE NOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhd5S3SKKF0 ___________________________________________ DETAILS OF EQUIPMENT FOR OUR CURRENT RIG: https://boostedmedia.net/boosted-media-sim-rig-details/ ___________________________________________ #Fanatec #CSLElite #CSW