Friday Night Funkin' - VS Flippy Flipped Out Week (Demo 2.0) (FNF Mod/Hard) (Happy Tree Friends)

Subscribe - Request any FNF song you want me to FC in the comment below. Not all song I can FC tho xD but i will try my best xD Please like and share the video if you enjoy ^^ New songs, sprites, dialogue, and cutscenes! After seeing the insane support on the first version of the mod, we decided to fully remaster the original version of the mod! The first song is recharted and remastered, with an all new second and third song. week 2 is out now Special thanks to Fabs for doing the code for the red flashes when I fell asleep, the mod wouldn't be out without that. Enjoy the mod! AMONGUS, SUS, IMPOSTER, RED SUS Credits Team Funktastic Clowfoe Co-Owner, Programmer Ziffyclumper avatar Programmer Fabs Programmer, Artist Julien Artist/Animator Adam McHummus Composor Keoni Composor Rareblin Composor Squidboi84 Artist BlackJoystick Co-Owner Postman Artist Inky Artist/Animator Pietro_Ultra Co-Owner, Artist Orbyy Artist phoenix... Artist, Secret Song Contributers Offbi Reactor BG EthanTheDoodler Falling GF AnthemOverload Reactor Ellis Trailer Editor Farfoxx Logo Saruky Sussy Bussy Moonmistt Chewmate KlutchDJ Charter Gibz Charter KadeDev ported us to 1.6 MashProTato Thumbnail xoop explosion DozenRahyz Defeat sprite tomongus creator FungiWizard VS Impostor V3 - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin' linkhere #fnf #gameoverscreen #deadanimation