Huggy Wuggy Is Alive!🤭 *DIY Room Makeover by Squid Game Doll for Her Loved One*

This is a love story of the Squid Game Doll who found Huggy Wuggy, injured at the sea shore 🤕. She nursed him and took care of him with some gadgets, and she even build a DIY house for both of them 🏠. They fell in love and have beautiful wedding, but there’s a plot twist in the end 😱!? Watch and find out what happened to them! Timestamps: 0:32 Basic cleaning tool / Brush 0:42 Thoroughly cleans anything / Bath sponge & Electric brush 3:22 Make your tiles more colourful / Foam play mat 4:04 Cut and shape however you want / Pool noodles 5:21 Best snack to welcome anyone / Cupcakes #DIY #craft #HuggyWuggy