So kalibrieren wir die neuen EPSON ULTRA HD Projektoren

Best Projector for a Home Theatre! - Projector Screens: Make sure your room is at least 15' long for these screens below. 120" 16:9 Screen - better for gamers 115" 2.35:1 Screen - better for Movies Xbox One X: Now my Console of Choice! It does it all - 4k Streaming, 4k UHD Player & 4k Gaming) My must have 4k movies! Dunkirk - Hacksaw Ridge - John Wick 1 & 2 - Ghost in a Shell - Atomic Blonde - Kind Arthur: Legend of the sword - Wonder Woman - Oblivion - Lucy - Interstellar coming soon to 4k!!! This video contains a quick unboxing and some of my thought regarding this projector and my sound system. Feel free to ask a question or share and idea for a future video and dont forget to Subscribe to see more video like this. Support me on Patreon! Thanks guys for subscribing to my channel and supporting me that way and all the comments are great. I had some hard times with my family’s health and hopefully (Touch Wood!) we are past all that and I can continue to make videos like I was. Thanks again for your support Thanks for watching!