Have You Seen Her? (LGBTQ Short Film)

Failing to deal with her own frustrations, Sara (Sue Kessler) blows up at Ally (Tali de Assis) causing her to leave. Will the distance prove too much for the couple or will the absence make their hearts grow ... New Wind Productions and Old Neighborhood Films Starring Sue Kessler and Tali de Assis With Chris Bethune Directed by Nick Rapuano Assistant Director ~ Micah Bailey Production Assistant ~ Liam Ferguson Follow on Instagram: Tali de Assis https://www.instagram.com/tali_deassis/?hl=en Chris Bethune https://www.instagram.com/mr_bethune/?hl=en Sue Kessler https://www.instagram.com/sue_kessler/?hl=en Nick Rapuano https://www.instagram.com/nrap19/?hl=en Micah Bailey https://www.instagram.com/micah_bailey/?hl=en New Wind Productions https://www.instagram.com/new_wind_productions/?hl=en https://www.newwindproductions.com/ Old Neighborhood Films https://www.instagram.com/oldneighborhoodfilms/?hl=en https://www.oldneighborhoodfilms.com/ #LGBTQ #LesbianFilm #LGBT #Queer #LoveisLove