Revealing Rorikstead's Sacrificial Soil SECRETS - Elder Scrolls Detective

🐫 🐫 🐫 🐫 🐫 🐫 Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to The Elder Scrolls Detective Series! In this video we investigate the rather complex, interwoven and scarily occult case of the small farming village, Rorikstead. Be sure to leave any idea for future TES detective videos in the comments! They can be from any game in TES universe :) ♛ Elder Scrolls Lore - 🏰 Elder Scrolls Detective - ☢ Fallout Detective - 🎥 TES Detective Videos: 50 SHADES OF SKYRIM, Naris' Red Room - Arondil, Skyrim's Necrophiliac Ghost Fondler - Bugs In Jars SOLVED - Dwemer Lesbians CONFIRMED In Lore?! - Did THE SUNKEN ONE Destroy Kvatch? - Emperor Killed Himself? - Is Fultheim A Secret Blade? - Is Sybille Stentor The TRUE Ruler Of Skyrim? - Moon Sugar For The Children! Uncle Sweetshare - Revealing Rorikstead's Sacrificial Soil SECRETS - Secret Gauntlet Of The Pirate King - Sheogorath's HIDDEN Door & Realm In Skyrim - The Most DANGEROUS Tree In Skyrim - They're Doing WHAT With The Dogs?! - Thomas Of Skyrim!?... Who?... Exactly! - Was Skyrim's ONLY Gay Couple Destroyed By The Dwemer? - Weaponized SPIDERS Of Skyrim - Who Are THE DEEP ONES & What Do They Want? -