Bandbudh Aur Budbak - Episode 16 | Nanha Dost | Funny Hindi Cartoon For Kids | ZeeQ

We all know Cinderella's tale - let's see Budh & Badri's take on it! Bandbudh Aur Budbak – Catch the hilarious duo, Badrinath and Budhadeb cause trouble at school time and again. Their misdeeds usually land them in big trouble but luck being on their side, they almost always escape scot free. The targets of their misdemeanors are usually Principal Rathi, Jeeva - the class bully and their class teacher. #animationforkids #NowPlaying all the #newepisodes of the most #lallantop and #funnycartoon #comedyshow #BandbudhAurBudbak only on #zeeq ZeeQ is a channel full of fun and entertainment for kids. Subscribe to our channel NOW! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Send us details at: Join the Noiz Network. Sign up at today! Watch more funny & informative content for kids! Bandbudh Aur Budbak - Full Episodes: Pyaar Mohabbat Happy Luck - Full Episodes: Chimpoo Simpoo - Full Episodes: