Blue Yeti Review: Is it a good choice for podcasters?

In this video we show you the 5 most common mistakes that we see people make with the Blue Yeti USB Microphone. After watching this video, you will know the best settings to use for your Blue Yeti and how to make it sound more like a high quality studio microphone. PRICING FOR EQUIPMENT FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO: ► Blue Yeti USB Microphone: ► Mic Stand: ► Rode PSA1 Boom Arm: ► Blue Yeti Foam Windscreen: ► Pop Filter: ► Blue Yeti Shockmount: These are affiliate links, and I may earn a commission from Amazon (and others) on qualifying purchases. ADDITIONAL VIDEOS FOR MORE INFORMATION: ► Blue Yeti Playlist: BLOG POST WITH MORE INFORMATION: ► XLR CABLE BUYER's GUIDE: PODCAST BUYER'S GUIDE: LIVE STREAMING BUYER'S GUIDE: MUSIC PRODUCTION BUYER's GUIDE: CHAPTERS: 0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - Pricing & Specs 0:46 - Cardioid Microphone Mode 1:55 - Microphone Direction & Orientation 3:46 - Microphone Distance 5:14 - Pop Filter & Windscreen 6:52 - Shockmount 7:36 - Bonus Tip 8:35 - Summary 9:10 - Final Thoughts BECOME A MEMBER OF OUR CHANNEL FOR PERKS & EXCLUSIVES: CAMERA EQUIPMENT: Camera: Lens: B-Roll Gimbal: Lav Mic: Headphones: Studio Monitors: Video Recorder: Video Switcher For Live Stream: Key Light: Fill Light: Uplight: Truss: Editing Computer: Editing Monitor: YOUTUBE OPTIMIZATION: Tubebuddy: VidIQ: Rev Video Captions (Save $10): GeniusLink: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Kettner Creative is an experienced team of audio-visual professionals. We create tutorials, comparisons, demonstrations, and reviews for home studio equipment under $500 including audio interfaces, audio mixers, microphones, and more. Disclosure: If you purchase an item or service from an outbound link, we may receive a referral fee, which helps to support Kettner Creative. All information is provided using our experience and research to the best of our ability. Links, videos, and other content are shared for information and discussion only. Copyright: 2021 Kettner Creative Inc., All Rights Reserved. #blueyeti #studiomic #micsetup